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Our entire team understands the decision to have your furry family member undergo surgery is never easy whether it is an elected surgery or an emergency and we appreciate your trust in us.  Our skilled surgeons regularly perform a wide range surgery including, but not limited to:

Spay and Neuter Laceration and Wound Repair
Mass Removal Cystotomy
Ophthlamic Surgeries Bowel Obstruction
Exploratory Surgeries Meniscectomy

GDV Surgery (Bloat)                                        Perineal Urethrostomy

All pets are required to have a preoperative blood screen prior to surgery.  Although it is optional, we also recommend a preoperative chest x-ray and ECG to assess heart function. All of our patients are monitored during surgery by our skilled technicians and surgeons.  We use state-of-the art anesthesia monitoring equipment to monitor pulse oximetry, blood pressure, ECG, heart and respiratory rate and temperature.  All anesthesia protocols are tailored to the needs of each individual pet based on procedure, age and risk.  We also use a multimodal approach for all anesthetic procedures;  this refers to the practice of combining multiple drugs and/or methods.  This method allows us to give drugs at lower doses which increases safety and provides a more predictable anesthetic plane during the procedure. As needed we administer a pain management regimen before, during and after your pet's surgical procedure.  All pain management regimens are tailored to the individual needs of your pet.

To schedule a preoperative appointment please call us at 603-329-6553.